One weekend can change your life!

Imagine being able to have real communication in your family relationships. Spending a weekend with One Change Group can make this a reality!

By attending a Real Change Workshop, participants gain a fundamental understanding of the methods required to put themself and their family on track to building healthy, positive relationships.

Real Change Workshops

We will teach you how to effectively communicate, as well as how to solidify the building blocks of healthy relationships. With the skillset you develop during this weekend workshop, you will find yourself prepared to lead your family down the road of healing and rebuilding.

Don’t let your family fall prey to misery, anger, substance abuse or worse. There is a positive, healthy solution to the problems you and your family face, and we are here to help. Yes, you will be tackling challenging issues for your family, but you will also be surprised how much fun you will have when communicating positively with your family once again. If you are ready to identify and change current negative behavioral patterns in your family, you must attend our Real Change Workshop!

By attending a Real Change Workshop, you will walk away with:

  • Skills for healthy communication in all your relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Support to keep your family on track
  • Setting rules and consequences
  • In-workshop activities to solidify the tools taught 
  • And much more…
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If you're having to ask yourself whether you need this seminar or not, you probably do. Trust your instinct and reach out for help. We are glad we found it and chose to go through with it.

I wish I would have learned this long before I ever needed it!

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