Workshop Specifics

Real Change Workshops are a fun, interactive and engaging learning process teaching proven techniques to strengthen family relationships.

Every participant will walk away with life-changing tools to begin creating healthy change in their family. We are so confident in these tools, that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee to anyone who thinks the tools will not help them in their lives.

12 Rules:

Introduction of 12 Rules that not only keep the workshop dynamics safe, but serve as the foundation for a strong and healthy family. The 12 Rules support honesty and trust not only for relationships, but for you as well.


Did you know that it takes 40 positive messages to neutralize just 1 negative message? Participants learn the importance of positive self-talk. We offer easy to implement ways to teach your child/family positive self-talk.

Importance of Forgiveness:

Learn how significant events in our lives carry over into current parenting styles and techniques. Each participant will learn the process of forgiveness and letting go and how forgiveness plays a fundemental role in healthy relationships.

Victim Game:

This is a game; if played, no one wins! This portion of the workshop introduces the “Victim Game” concept and how it negatively impacts us and our family at every level.

Rules and Consequences:

Are the rules in your home consistently followed or just some of the time? Attendees walk away with a very clear understanding of how to create effective rules and consequences, as well as learn the importance of consistency and follow through.

Boundary Awareness:

What are healthy boundaries? We teach how to set healthy and effective boundaries and how they positively affect family dynamics?

Framework of Family Values:

When was the last time your family discussed family values? Participants will walk away with their family’s values in place and clearly defined.


In this portion, participants learn how to be authentic and real with one another by examining the masks we put on to hide the real self.

Responsible Listening and Communication:

During this process we discuss the importance of communicating effectively and offering feedback to our families. We help to create self-awareness of what types of communication works best for their family.

Ego States:

We put a twist on this well-known theory to help participants gain awareness of understanding and listening to themselves and their children. This is a vital portion of the workshop.

Conflict Resolution:

Participants explore how they handle conflict, head-on or not at all. When conflict occurs in a healthy way it can create intimacy in relationships. We teach how to conflict in a healthy and positive way.

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