Now is your opportunity to teach healthy communication tools in your home, church family, communities and work environment! 
As someone who has attended a Real Change Workshop, you understand the need to create healthy change utilizing healthy communication skills. 

  • Have you thought about teaching others the communication tools you learned in a Real Change Workshop?
  • Did you know that unclear communication is the cause of most conflict in organizations and in families? 
  • Are you interested in becoming a certified One Change Group Coach?    
  • Do you need a little extra money or would you just like to give back to your communities?  Either option is ok and the choice is yours when you are a One Change Group Coach. 


We are very excited to offer the Train the Trainer workshop for those of you with the passion to teach the tools that have changed your life!

Think back to your first workshop.  Remember how it felt to sit with a small group of people, share stories and discuss healthy communication? You may have had that light-bulb moment when you realized that you were not alone and felt a connection with others who share your story. You weren’t alone when you walked through the simple steps of healthy communication, conflict resolution, responsible listening and the importance of authenticity. You had—and still have—a team of people rooting for you.

Accountability is the key to committing to healthy change. There really is no better way to remain accountable to living by the 12-Rules than to lead others as a One Change Group Coach.  Even Kevin and Jodie say that God makes them teach these tools every day so they’ll stay on track. After all, healthy communication requires practice and consistency.

By thoroughly committing yourself to God’s ways of healthy communication, you will not only set yourself up for success, but you will also meet the needs of families, communities and work environments in your city that are desperate for encouragement. You can be the one to walk alongside them and help point the way toward healthy change.

It’s pretty easy—just start with what you know. You’ve taken a workshop. You know that all an OCG coach needs to do is care about people. This simple step will produce a class of people forever changed. You can start a class at your local church or in your community.   Register for our Train the Trainer workshop today!

Firm up your healthy communication foundation by becoming an OCG coach today!

CALL:  (215) 620-7550 or REGISTER ONLINE TODAY

When: September 22-24th, 2017

Heartwood Center

615 Oak Street
Sandpoint, ID 838364
Cost: Early registration = $500, after September 1st = $750 (200.00 non-refundable registration fee required at registration) Payment options and scholarships are available upon request – Limited space available so sign up today!

What you will learn:

  • The One Change Group tools and how to teach them within your church, communities and work environment
  • How to effectively present the tools
  • Adult learning theories
  • How to be a leader utilizing the One Change Group tools
  • How to host a workshop
  • Networking and advertising to fill workshops

What you will walk away with:

  • The Real Change workbook
  • Real Change Facilitator’s Guide
  • Real Change PowerPoint Presentation
  • Advertising and Marketing Templates 
  • How to host a workshop (step by step guide)
  • A step by step plan to teach the tools in your community
  • Guidance and support from Kevin, Jodie and the One Change Group Team

Day 1-2: Hands on learning the tools with OCG staff
Day 3: Real Change Workshop in Sandpoint ID –  a 1-day workshop designed for you to put your new skills to the test – you will co-facilitate portions of the workshop with OCG staff. 

CALL:  208-610-4234 or REGISTER ONLINE TODAYSign up to Attend this workshop

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