Hosting Real Change Workshops

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Real Change Workshop. We look forward to collaborating with you on how to either host or sponsor a workshop in your area.

Workshop Types

10 hour Basic Workshop
Organization hosted or One Change Group hosted.

16 hour Advanced Workshop
Organization hosted or One Change Group hosted.

Hosting Types

An Organization hosted workshop- the Organization is responsible for providing the location, the snacks and is  responsible for the collection of funds from each participant.  The Organization is responsible for paying One Change Group for its services and travel expenses.  One Change Group will provide the workshop and the materials.  A 10% non-refundable deposit is due 60 days before the workshop.  One Change travel expenses are due 30 days before the workshop and the balance is due on the first day of workshop. 

A One Change Group hosted workshop- One Change Group will work with the host to establish a venue, provide the snacks and workshop materials.  The participant fees will be determined by location and will be collected by One Change Group upon registration.

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Workshops Types you are interested in:
10 hour Basic Workshop16 Hour Advanced Workshop

Hosting Type:

Organization HostedOne Change Group Hosted