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Get ready Bellevue, Washington here we come! March 19th and 20th Jodie, Kevin and I will “take our talent and passion” to the west coast. Bellevue is smack dab in the middle of the area which my parents grew up, so I am extremely excited to bring this very special process to the families of western Washington. It is exciting to think that One Change Group is “on it’s way.” We pray that we will be able to bring our methods and tools to thousands of families in the upcoming years with one mission in mind, “to create healthy change in families guided by Integrity, Purpose and Responsibility.”

I have worked in the therapeutic boarding school realm for nearly twenty years. I love what I do, but it does come with a price. I am not speaking of the seemingly endless hours and stress that comes with managing a high quality treatment program for teens or even the late night phone calls from parents in emotional crisis. The price comes as we watch families shattered as they struggle to function together due to communication issues. These families fail to set clear and concise boundaries.

This brings about the difference between mandatory rules and optional rules. Mandatory rules are representative of clearly defined family boundaries. A mandatory rule is only successful when it is 1. Clearly defined, 2. Parents effectively follow through with consequences, and 3. Parents are CONSISTENT! As you can imagine, mandatory rules help to keep our home safe, physically and emotionally. At the other end of the spectrum, optional rules are rules that parents want their children to follow, but the children do not. This is typically a result of either poor follow through by the parents or the rule was not clearly defined from the beginning.

Join us at an upcoming workshop and learn how to become a more effective parent.

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