This Blog Isn’t About Gardening

by | Jan 16, 2023


My newest fixation is gardening. But this hobby will last, either in practice or theory.


Some things I planted, expecting them to bloom immediately. I killed a plant once because I gave it too much water. I rushed the process in search of the perfect flower. I over-nourished it and over-loved it. I loved it to death. I spent too much time worrying about the outcome and not enough time just enjoying gardening.


Some seasons were lush. Many flowers bloomed, and some plants even gave me fruit. Sometimes I’d get visits from beautiful creatures, too! I’d hope they’d stay long. At times, others would only notice my garden’s beauty when they saw these critters. I had to understand that the birds and bees would come and go as they pleased.


This season taught me to stay humble yet confident. I learned that my garden was beautiful with or without the birds and the bees. It never needed external validation.


Some seasons were dry. Many plants died. As I reflected, I wondered what I did to kill them. Frequently, I cut away dead parts of plants to allow room for other things to grow. Despite certain things dying, even they served their purpose. They became fertilizer for things afterward to bloom. I found so much of myself in the garden that didn’t bloom.


This season taught me to have hope and patience. It was okay to be uncertain about what the future held. It was also essential to know that everything changes, no matter how good or bad. As consistent as the sun is to shine after the rain, joy creeps around the corner of our sorrows.


Gardening has taught me a lot. I am constantly learning to find peace between where my garden is and where I want it to be. This is the space where my garden is called to come to life.


This blog isn’t about gardening.



If you need help tending to your garden and would like to speak to one of our licensed therapists, please contact us. We’re always here to help you grow.


  1. Sydney Underwood

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lynn Brooks

    It IS the journey…not the destination!!!


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